Our Story

I have always been drawn to fragrances. I love the power they possess in evoking a special memory or transporting you to another time or place. It was this fascination with scents that sparked a hobby, which would later become a business. From the kitchen table of our home in Country Tyrone, I learned the craft of candle making and instantly fell in love with both the process and the final outcome. When I perfected the creative stage, I began gifting these to family and friends, as after all, a gift which is handmade with love is unlike any other. Their praise was so high that with a little encouragement, I set upon the adventure of nurturing this hobby into something much bigger.

Family is very much at the heart of what we do and as each candle is handmade at home on the banks of the River Oona, a fitting name was born. To take the strong influence of family further, we drew upon our daughters’ love of nature as inspiration. As Bethany and Abigail are fascinated by butterflies and ladybirds, their presence was included in our branding.

Launching initially with six candles, we took our collection to the road, visiting various craft fares with our wares. The response was phenomenal, with high praise received for our candles. Customers loved our range of unique scents, which effortlessly diffused throughout their homes. This, combined with their long-lasting burning time and stylish design, set us apart from anything else out there. And with customers frequently asking how they could buy more, our website was born, coinciding with an expanded collection.

Today, our collection includes an innovative range of Beeswax Candles, Parrafin Wax Candles, Soya Candles, 100% Natural Candles, Soya Melts and Reed Diffusers, which can be strategically placed throughout your home or office, according to your mood and preferences. For example, our Fresh Fig & Green Apple Scented Reed Diffuser, is perfect for hallways, to ensure you’re greeted with an inviting and invigorating scent when you arrive home each day. Or, add a Black Pomegranate Soya Candle to the bedroom for a relaxing scent to soothe you to sleep each night.

Today, candles still remain one of the most popular gift options, so with this in mind, we have made the art of giving even more special. We specialise in bespoke wedding favours and corporate gifts, with the option to personalise packaging for when you need to go the extra mile.

If you have your heart set on something, which you don’t see on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch as we would be more than happy to work with you in order to bring your vision to life.

We hope you enjoy our range of scents, discovering your favourites and igniting new memories in the process.


All our candles are made completely by us. We truly love our craft.


Choose from Parrafin, Beeswax or Soya candles. Whatever your preference, we can cater the perfect scent for you.


Why not try our homemade Reed Diffusers & Wax Melts.